The Solution Republic

Bali Business Enterprises (BBE) a prominent and long established advisory office that provides investors on Bali with comprehensive business solutions. 

Founded in 1996 to meet the increasing demand from expatriates to navigate the minefield of regulations in Indonesia – BBE endeavors to interpret local Adat, regional and national laws to foreign investors to ensure cohesive and legal business ventures in Bali.

We assist expatriates and Indonesian citizens alike with advice and resolutions.    With services including:

  • company formations and contingency advice
  • contract review and composition
  • dispute mediation
  • notary liaison
  • buyers advocacy
  • land acquisitions and due diligence
  • villa management
  • licensing and building permits
  • immigration procurements 

We aim to provide a broad spectrum of support essential to operating a successful business and secure investments in Bali.

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